Paper Tamers' Mid-Year Tidy and Challenges, 2014

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Paper Tamers' Mid-Year Tidy and Challenges, 2014

Postby Harriet » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:11 am

Get out the Pith Helmet and hold the chair out quick, because the Paper Lion is roaring around the house and needs to be tamed!!

Just think of all the paper chores ... ... :shock:

Mailbox dailies
Thank you notes
Bill paying
Financial plan
A clear desk?
Refrigerator art
Office supplies
Greeting cards to send
Greeting cards received
A filing system? ( :lol: )
Medical records
Stash 'n Dash recovery!


That list could go on and on. Better take charge.

Let's tame all that paper with our mid-year "tidy" together. Join us here in this thread as we hold off the paper, in its many forms, that is stalking our efficient homes. We'll simplify our lives.

Tell us :idea: what routines do you recommend? What systems are working? What supplies are MUST haves? You have no idea how swamped sister paper tamers may be... ...

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Re: Paper Tamers' Mid-Year Tidy and Challenges, 2014

Postby ejagno » Thu Jul 10, 2014 4:55 am

Paperwork is the single most difficult task for me. It grows and multiplies like our mosquitoes.

FINANCIAL/BUDGET TIP: One convenience feature that I love is having the bills automatically drafted from my account on days that are preset by me. Most bills are the same amount every month such as cable/internet, cell phone, mortgage, insurance and even my electricity is on equalized billing so it's the same every month. By having it auto drafted the only thing I have to handle is making sure the funds are always available in the checking account.

I'm also a big fan of gift cards. I know that every 8 weeks I need $100 to have my hair cut and colored, so every 2 weeks I apply $30 cash to a gift card where my salon is located. It keeps plenty on the card not only for the next hair appointment but extra to use for that special style needed for upcoming Christmas parties and Mardi Gras balls. I do the same thing with a Sam's Club gift card that I use strictly for fuel. Unlike carrying a lot of cash around, you are less likely to accidently spend your gas money on something else if it's on a designated prepaid card. These days just about every retail location including restaurants offer gift cards so why not utilize them to stay on track.

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Re: Paper Tamers' Mid-Year Tidy and Challenges, 2014

Postby DeeClutter » Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:19 am

Good food for thought, Ejagno. I do keep a W almart 'gas' card in my car while we're in FL. The W marts here don't offer gas. While I could get it cheaper at S am's it's a bit of a drive and any savings would be eaten up in gas. So on Thursdays I go to the nearby town for gas when it's 5-cents cheaper a gallon. It helps somewhat. Wonder if they offer gift cards. We always put it on our credit card that's paid off each month so not sure it would make any difference. But it would keep me within my 'gas budget' -which is whatever it takes during the month anyway.
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Re: Paper Tamers' Mid-Year Tidy and Challenges, 2014

Postby Harriet » Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:07 pm

Thanks for the tips, ejagno!

I have the report back from talking with our house insurance guy about potential credits for improvements we've done. We got a reimbursement check for $174.00. (I believe that is a reduction over the previous year's insurance. Don't know how far back he's allowed to give us credit.) If that is $174 difference per year going forward, though, that's great, especially since our state just agreed to allow an increase in insurance rates (sigh).

Some of the things that mattered: a new hot-water heater had been purchased, some plumbing replaced, the alarms on front and back doors EVEN THOUGH they are the simple, single-door alarms, not whole-house at all. Most of the things, HE prompted me about, because he has a checklist to go down and ask his clients, so that was a great help - I didn't have to try to remember or figure it out myself.

So I would definitely recommend just double-checking when your house insurance premium is getting ready to come due! You never know what you might have done that will impress an insurer!

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