Sit Up & Take Notice Sunday

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Re: Sit Up & Take Notice Sunday

Postby blessedw2 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:58 pm

sorry there is so much conflict in the house tonight! praying it quiets down d twins.
it sounds like dd just wants her space - is she paying for her own apartment? Will he be respectful and not have tons of friends over? I know both my dd's do not want to live with each other lol

hi d lucy I will look up what dd younger uses for her eczema and write back tomorrow - she also uses a special soap for her skin and both the cream and soap have made a huge difference in her skin
D lucy I would love to have you over if you lived near by :D

hi d kathryn
hope everything works out with your apartment

glad you had a quiet Sunday d lady.

d cathy hello hello! I can feel the coziness of your home all the way over here

dd younger is still doing her pumpkin... she chose a hard one - She took an outline from a print and is working on it now. Mine, an owl, is done. dd older has hers done as well.

turkey is waiting for tomorrow - d mom said I have to get up early to put it in the oven.
dishes were emptied again and another load washing themselves.

the banana bread was good (per d mom)
she ate here but I never expected that. I think she likes the family stuff but doesn't want to be in control of it.
it is always a joy to be here with you!

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Re: Sit Up & Take Notice Sunday

Postby DeeClutter » Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:59 pm

I've just kept plugging along. Dh just decided that the things like the compressor, that he wanted to put in the storage unit is not going to happen. Way too wet to get back to it. So anything left will go in our shed for the winter. He'll move it all in the spring when he comes back north.

I have 3 years of church records I was going to do, but decided I'd just print it off when I'm I FL.

Have to look at the weather a day or so out. We had figured on going down 81 to 95, but am wondering how the weather and traveling conditions will be. So will be looking.

I have filed all our medical records by doctor/hospital for the year. I was going to try to get them all scanned -that's also not going to happen. Trying to decide if I want to pack it all. There's a lot of paper between the two of us.
Begun is half done -SO! JUST BEGIN!!

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Re: Sit Up & Take Notice Sunday

Postby Harmony » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:19 pm


I am using Triamcinolone acetonide ointment my GP prescribes, and lots of handcreme (whatever works) and Dove soap because it isn't drying. Darn eczema!

I did sit up and take notice today. First I went to church and 3 stops on the way home: books to the library drop off bin, return to HD, and a rather large shopping at supermarket. I was opening/shutting the doors, unloading bags, and DH in the next room was napping and slept through the whole thing. I've noticed when he naps during the day he's really deep in sleep.

Yesterday we both slept after all that shutter work. He did manage to fix all the sidewalk bolts. It rained most of the afternoon and was grey and cool. Looked like a real fall day. Nice for a change.

But after today's little nap I did take notice of the state of the house and the kitchen especially. I've been throwing dishes into the dishwasher and doing little else. So today I got it straightened out after supper. I made hamburgers on the G Forem an grill out of a mix of beef and deer meat our friend gave us. I took the rest and made hamburgers for tomorrow and meatballs for another day. Boy it looks better around here. Got all the garbage gathered up and out for tomorrow too.

We have a big week ahead.

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Re: Sit Up & Take Notice Sunday

Postby Harriet » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:27 pm

Home from taking dd back to school. Windy, cold.

The afternoon was more shopping - mostly functional things. A few pieces of clothing for her, but still on the functional side.

While she was here, she was mostly into homework and laundry, but we did have a chance to enjoy her, too. Briefly visited dstepson and dstepdil to see the new fridge. The "dings" were minor and you just wouldn't notice until it was pointed out, so yes, he and HRH had a good idea.

We had a happy day at church in which you could hardly get people to leave! We stayed way longer than usual talking ourselves, but left others still there, delightedly chatting away. :) What was different? Not absolutely sure but the beginning of a two-week vacation home about 1,000 miles away for the enforced SS teacher does come to mind.

A few things I've sat up and taken notice of today:

"I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel" - a brief comment with a knowing look, from an elder to me, and then later from him to dd19, regarding the concerns we've shared with him before. hmmm... ... taking notice

HRH continues in change-and-organization mode - ideas on moving furniture, changing the uses of spaces, even outdoor plantings.

and a bit of a revelation of my own about better exercising space in the winter months, for him and for me.

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