Cleaning Focus - September 2015

Detail cleaning schedules for each room of your house.
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Cleaning Focus - September 2015

Postby BookSaver » Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:25 am

What happened to summer?!

Here's Indiana's deep cleaning schedule for September:
8/31/2015 bedrooms
9/7/2015 bathrooms
9/14/2015 office/other room
9/21/2015 closets
9/28/2015 laundry

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Re: Cleaning Focus - September 2015

Postby Harmony » Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:12 pm

Here's our new thread! :lol: I guess I should do something now, shouldn't I?!

Ok, I decided since I need to do more in this area I must figure out a way to get time for this. I've added 1 thing to do to morning routine. Let's see how this works. Today while I was waiting for coffee to heat (this is usually when I empty drying rack of washed dishes) I scrubbed outside of 1 kitchen cabinet and 2 drawers. I doubt I'll be able to follow the set schedule, but at least something somewhere will be getting done.

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Re: Cleaning Focus - September 2015

Postby Harriet » Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:19 pm

Hi BookSaver and Harmony!

Wanted to tell about getting the porcelain sink's stains out as we got my parents' house ready for ds (some was rust staining, I'm sure).

I used an old trick for vinegar learned on How Clean is Your House, and folded a paper towel on top of a stain and just barely wet it with C L R cleaner. So little product that it didn't even drip down the drain. I left it five minutes or so while I did something else, then turned a baggie inside out and used it as a glove.

I'd move the paper towel over to the next stain, press/squeeze slightly to make sure contact was made. Then I left the baggie there open for my hand next time, and was gone another five, etc. Went 'round the two sides of the sink with this process and some places needed extra time. Because my fingers only touched the inside of the baggie, I never had a problem going from task to task - clean hands. The sink looked amazingly better and I hardly used any of the product at all.

When I was finished I picked up the paper towels like you would pick up after a dog you've walked :) , folded the baggie over all and sealed. Rinsed - ta da.

By the way, that vinegar trick from the show was specific to the crevices of metal sink handles, shower heads, etc., that would get crusty with limescale and dirty. They are often vertical, so the ladies on the show would soak paper towels in vinegar, wrap the crevices and put plastic wrap over all, secure with rubber bands. They'd leave these a good while - I believe a half hour, or three-quarters. When they removed, that gunk would come away very well.

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